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Transform Your Business Dreams into Reality in Just 5 Days

Over 5 action-packed days we will hang out on a private Space.

I will help you clarify your business idea, brainstorm your target audience, and start crafting a unique value proposition, so mapping out your marketing strategy won't feel stressful anymore!

  • Expert Guidance: Receive daily prompts and resources to guide you through the challenge.
  • Actionable Insights: Gain practical insights and strategies that you can implement immediately to grow your business.
  • Transformative Results: Witness incredible growth and progress in just 5 days, setting the foundation for long-term success.

What we cover:

Day 1. Clarifying Business Idea

Day 2. Target Audience

Day 3. Why You

Day 4. Brainstorm Offers

Day 5. Marketing strategy

WHAT NEXT? Simple.

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4. We hang out, you will have daily challenges and we will make moooooves. Feel free to participate from any time zone. I suggest dedicating at least 30 min per day at your convenience. The more time you invest, the more you'll benefit from it.

Why offer this challenge for free?

I want everyone to explore their entrepreneurial potential. This challenge gives you the literal 'jumpstart' to starting a business and see if this is right for you. There will be special opportunities to develop further after the challenge for those who want to continue the journey.

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